Probability - Ma144a - Fall 2016

Instructor. Omer Tamuz, Baxter 213.

Teaching assistant: Pooya Vahidi Ferdowsi.

Lectures. Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, 1 to 2, at Sloan 257. There will occasionally be make-up classes on Wednesdays at 4.

Syllabus. Basics of measure theory, laws of large numbers, central limit theorems, martingales, random walks, percolation, branching processes, ergodic theory.

Lecture notes. Complete lecture notes are available for this course. Note that this is not a textbook, but the actual notes used to give the lectures.

Homework. Collaboration on homework is encouraged, but individually written solutions are required. Also, please name all collaborators and sources of information on each assignment; any such named source may be used. And don't plagiarize!