Research interests



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Data files (in zip directory) here.

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Working papers:

16. To Score or Not to Score? Evidence from a Chinese Online Marketplace (with Yu-wei Hsieh and Sha Yang) PDF.

15. Estimating Multinomial Choice Models using Cyclic Monotonicity (with Xiaoxia Shi and Wei Song) PDF.

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1. Nonparametric Tests for Common Values in First-Price Auctions (with Phil Haile and Han Hong). PDF. NBER working paper #10105. Revise and resubmit

Work in Progress

8. Strategic Reporting in Peer Performance Evaluation (with Yifei Huang and Xi Wu)

7. Yogurts choose consumers: Identification and Estimation in Non-Additive Random Utility Models (with Odran Bonnet and Alfred Galichon)

6. BLP-LASSO: Discrete-Choice Demand with Complex Products (joint with Ben Gillen and Roger Moon)

5. The Dynamics of Policy and Electoral Considerations in the US Senate (joint with Matias Iaryczower, Gabriel Lopez, and Adam Meirowitz)

4. The Welfare Effects of Endogenous Quality Choice: Evidence from Cable TV (with G. Crawford and O. Shcherbakov). PDF

3. Estimation of Oligopolistic Models without Assumptions on Demand (with Rahul Deb, John Quah, and Xiaoxia Shi)

2. Model Selection under Partial Identification: Testing Competition vs. Collusion in Telecom Entry (with Roger Moon, Xiaoxia Shi, and Simon Wilkie)

1. Semiparametric Estimation of Production Functions: a Spectral Decomposition Estimator (with Yingyao Hu and Fabiano Schivardi)

Unpublished manuscripts

1. Aggregate Matchings (with Federico Echenique and SangMok Lee). PDF. Superseded by "The Revealed Preference Theory of Stable and Extremal Stable Matchings" and "Partial Identification of Matching Models" (above).

2. Nonparametric Estimation of Demand Elasticities from Panel Data (with Stefan Hoderlein) PDF.