teaching research

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Working Papers
"Commitment and (In)Efficiency: a Bargaining Experiment(with Matt Elliott) online Appendix
"Transparency versus Back-Room Deals in Bargaining(with Chloe Tergiman)
"The Effects of Income Mobility and Tax Persistence on Income Redistribution and Inequality(with Thomas Palfrey)
"Persistence of Power: Repeated Multilateral Bargaining" (with Chris Cotton and Chloe Tergiman) Online Appendix

Work In Progress
"Belief Formation over Networks: an Experimental Prospective" (with Dotan Persitz)
"Incomplete Preferences and Preferences for Flexibility" (with Mark Dean, Evan Friedman, Han Huyun, Pietro Ortoleva)
"An Experimental Study of Incomplete Preferences" (with Pietro Ortoleva)